Together we'll develop your current strategy or acquisition plan.


What is your key Driver?

  • Location

  • Family

  • School

  • Work

  • Emotional

  • Commercial

  • Environmental

  • Market

  • Research

What does a property purchase mean to you?

​Have you considered what type of property purchase you are buying and what it means to you? Is it purely investment related and commercially driven?  Or is it something that you might consider becoming a home in the future?


Whatever the case might be, how do you identify with a property?  Do you become emotionally attached or commercially driven on numbers.  Or a home could be a place where you create memories, putting your own individual stamp on it.

I want to understand more about what your property needs mean to you! 

Get excited! Let's find out what’s IMPORTANT to YOU!

To find out the expectations you have around this package I am offering a 15 minute chat to see if I am of service to you and if you are a fit. 



Consultancy Services

Helping clients to understand their exact property needs

What are your specific property needs?

  • Development Uplift - Value potential through creative asset management

  • Building Scope of Works

  • Project Management Services

  • Cost Analysis of Renovations

  • Drainage advice

  • Seller Advocate

  • Coordination of Development Applications - Preparation, Planning and Process advice

  • Easement negotiation

  • Sourcing and Coordinating experts i.e. Builders, Tradesman, Planning & Heritage consultants

Understand that there is more aspects to buying a property.

As a Property Advisor, my expertise extends to other aspects of the property cycle.  The key is understanding your exact property needs, mapping out a plan, then determining the cost analysis and return on the investment. 

Let us find out what drives you?

To find out the expectations and pricing please contact me. I am offering a 15 minute chat to see if I am of service to you and if you are a fit. 

$250 per hour + GST


The End-to-End Property Acquisition

Together we'll define the property process and overcome difficulties.

Buying Residential or Commercial ?


What is the process?

  • Initial Consultation 

  • Developing The Brief (Incl. acquisition time frame expectations)

  • Engagement 

  • Search & Research

  • Sourcing Off Market/Market Opportunities

  • Door-Knocking specific streets on behalf of clients (or agents)

  • Reviewing Shortlists

  • Private Inspections

  • Due Diligence (Building inspections, Strata, Body Corp., Planning restrictions)

  • Negotiation of the purchase

  • Confidentiality Agreement signed by selling agent and vendor

  • Legal Exchange of Contracts

  • Pre-Settlement Inspections

  • Settlement and key handover

  • Post-Settlement Care 

Let me step you through the structured process...from start till the end.

To find out the expectations you have around this package I am offering a 15 minute chat to see if I am of service to you and if you are a fit. 

Retainer Fee: $5,000 + GST


Success Fee Component: 1.75% + GST of the purchase price, noting the retainer fee will be deducted from the success fee. 


Are you considering Renovating and not sure where to start?

Together we'll work out what you need to know before you step forward. 

Project Management Services

What is important to know?

  • Creating Scope of Works document

  • Managing the end-to-end building process

  • Cost Analysis of Build Programs

  • Appointing a Builder - Builder Reviews

  • Existing Zoning (Highest and Best Use) v's Adjoining Zonings/Re-zonings

  • Adjacent Developments/Style of Accommodation i.e. Medium Density Residential

  • Current Market Conditions

The more effort we put into the background homework the better the outcome!

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with me!