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POWER champions a departure from conventional, hierarchical paradigms of power. Instead, it advocates for an inclusive, collaborative, and empowering model. The emphasis lies in cultivating a leadership approach characterized by authenticity, empathy, and a profound alignment with one's internal convictions. By adopting this methodology, organizations foster an environment where individuals lead with authenticity and contribute meaningfully to collective success.


Embark on a transformative journey with PEOPLE, where leadership emanates from within. In this empowering experience, individuals discover the profound capacity within themselves to lead authentically and inspire positive change. "Leading from within" is not just a mantra; it's a philosophy that encourages self-awareness, resilience, and the harnessing of personal strengths to influence others.


Leaders embodying PERSPECTIVE prioritize continuous learning, adaptability, and a genuine curiosity about the perspectives of others. In the corporate sphere, leading from within with perspective means fostering a workplace culture that values diversity of thought, open dialogue, and appreciates the unique contributions of each team member.


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As a Relationship Advisor and Project Mindset Coach with over 30 years in Corporate Property, my passion lies in empowering individuals and companies for success. I specialize in fostering strong connections, resolving issues, and enhancing personal development.

In the corporate world, while many focus on commercial currency, I emphasize the critical value of emotional currency. I work with companies facing staff or client relationship challenges, bringing awareness to thought patterns and behaviours.


My mission is to elevate communication, fostering intentionality and responsibility. By heightening awareness of how we communicate and perceive messages, we pave the way for effective action.

My goal is to guide individuals and companies toward their objectives, building clarity, confidence, trust, empathy, resilience, and robust relationships. Understanding your own operations allows you to comprehend others' perspectives, creating a path to success.

"Kim ignites a transformative mindset, compelling individuals to recognise themselves as leaders, unveiling the profound impact and influence we wield over one another."

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Leading From Acceptance Program

Navigating Self and Others for Peak Leadership

Leading From Acceptance is a professional development program designed for people to lead by example.

By learning to lead from the inside out, individuals

expand their self-awareness and potential

to lead themselves, others and context.

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Kim is a natural leader and transformative Developmental Coach who goes beyond her means to ensure outcomes are reached. I found her ability to asses my individual needs before our session set the tone for uncovering obstacles I hadn't considered were personal stumbling blocks. Our program started with Leading from Acceptance bringing an awareness and understanding around my internal processes which were then playing out in my business and external environments. Kim is the 'Question Queen' and your biggest accountability ally. As a creative, I found Kim's passion for my dreams and outcomes pivotal showing her diversity, professionalism and knowledge across all professions. I have no hesitation in recommending working with Kim. Bring your biggest challenges, there is truly nothing she can't face head-on that can't be resolved with her outcomes. 

Serena Geddes

International Author, Illustrator and Founder of Life as a Creative

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