Toolbox Talks


What is My Other Trade? 

Toolbox Talks
Providing the Tools to men to build a resilient, trusting Mindset

I create a conversation like no other, working with Individuals and Corporates, to help people focus on getting their needs met, how your message is being expressed, how you are thinking, feeling and behaving on a Building site.  Identifying any niggly pain points or frustrations that might be frustrating you and if you are taking the necessary action to step forward.

How do I engange?

  • by means of a compassionate conversation

  • the art of facilitating the process with an individual or an organisation

  • to a specific agreed outcome 

  • that gets to the heart of things

  • to identify and mobilise inner and outer resources 

  • to help slowly transform the change point from 

  • to develop, unleash and actualize the client’s potentials for achieving his or her dreams 

I am the expert in the process, you bring the content!

Who am I working with?

I am working with mature men in the construction world predominately with an ego strength, who are wanting to grow themselves slowly and to place them in a position to be able to take effective action of their thoughts, actions and behaviours to improve their own relationship with themselves, workmates and personal relationships.

Suit And Tie

Why am I so passionate about the Tool Box talks?

I want to understand this more and more as it seems to be a common thread with men not being supported or given a space to talk!

In guiding men to understand more about themselves in terms of their needs being met, their individual thoughts, feelings, actions, accepting the past and having more awareness on how to address things that might be frustrating them when it comes up.  Providing a space to support them stepping forward in a particular way and/or determine if the current situation is serving them to be a certain way.


The outcome with facilitating these conversations with men is to ultimately have fun with themselves, understand the other expressions of who they are and how they operate, build trust with others and respect other people’s perspectives, values and beliefs.


Culturally, men have been trained to Build Wealth and be attached to their job identity and not necessarily taught to express their wants, desires and feelings.  I believe the challenges men are facing in society today appear to focus on 2 key areas of their lives being their Identity and the fact that men need to be “strong” all the time, however, that doesn't need to always be the case. 


There are so many other expressions to a man, that we need to unlock the Toolbox!


What are my core skills?

  • Providing a Safe Supportive Space for men to share

  • Listening to “Your Story” and “Your Needs”

  • Giving tools to assist you in “Self Managing” + “Self-Regulating”

  • Playfully curious & Passionately challenging through asking questions

  • Honest & Trusting environment

  • Giving Feedback

  • Receiving Feedback

Workshop Tools

How do I engage with Men at these Tool Box Talks?


Now I want to break this down for men... What role are you playing? Are you the trouble maker, the options maker, the avoider, the problem solver or the peacemaker on the construction site? 


Have you ever considered why you are playing this role?

Hello, I’m Kim Dunlop….I’m passionate, playful, curious, challenging, investigator, caring, nurturing, loving, outgoing, loud, crazy, too much, social, deep, shy of public speaking…

These are just some of the expressions of myself….

I’m hearing more and more from men that a lot of men are “Broken”….I feel this might be a by-product of men not feeling like they can share “what” they want, as they potentially don’t know “how” to express how they are feeling in the moment as men were never really taught that piece.

If you were to picture yourself as a Brand New Office Building that has just been completed, however, just take a moment to look at yourself as the Building and the steps that have gone into it building this Building… You have poured the concrete, put in the Rio, set up the framework, the brickwork and so on, noting you are putting in love and attention as you might be a perfectionist.  Remembering this is all part of the process in building this building.  Yet it comes to Final completions, and it has some minor defects at the end of the Build. Is this Building classified as broken?  No, it’s not, just a few minor defects that need to be tweaked!

What would be the steps you would take to sort out the defects?

You would immediately work out a list of items and tick them off one by one until all the defects are finalized.  Then you have a Brand New Building again….  The 2nd part is the “Maintenance”.  

What is your Maintenance Agreement with yourself? 

How are you monitoring or maintaining your Building?

Men, it’s important for you to start looking at yourselves as a Building, the biggest most important Asset and how you are going to maintain and protect it.  Like a building experiences defects, we too also experience as people some form of defects which can be often viewed through a lens of frustration, anger, anxiety or sadness, even happiness.

We sometimes, can’t choose what happens to us, yet we can choose how we respond and turn up!  We can take back control of our own choices and start looking at the “defects” to tweak them!

Working From Home
Workshop Format/Process

The ‘old ways’ of waiting till it gets too much to withstand and then doing a complete overhaul are over…


Of Building the Tower as high as we can and being overwhelmed that it must fall down….


We must start to listen, and allow ourselves to step forward, little by little, slowly but surely, as it unfolds.

Day to Day Process – Checking in on the Building! Not a one off ‘overhaul’.

3 Steps:  Bringing it Back to Basics

Step 1 – “What’s in your Toolbox today?”


Step 2 – “What Tool are you identifying with today?


Step 3 – “What Tool do you want to be today or change tomorrow?

In the Toolbox Talks, Kim talks to the Tool box about the different Tools and ways you can “Check in on your Toolbox”, “Identify with a Tool”, “Tips & Tricks”, “Goals & Evidence” that you are moving towards your updated Toolbox!!!


This will help you identify your way of being, how you are thinking and build personal confidence in self, in a supportive safe space.