Kim is very professional with a calm, friendly manner.  She asked me to make a list of what I desired in a property and guided me in weighing up the pros and cons of each property.


Kim came and picked me up so we could inspect homes as I don't drive. Kim has an in-depth knowledge of the real estate market and can determine the best strategy to acquire a property.


Kim was able to liaise with the real estate agents in the area to find the most desirable locations.  She carried out due diligence that I was unable to do on the properties I was interested in.


I would highly recommend Kim to any buyers looking to purchase a property without the stress of doing it themselves

Christine Gadd


I work in property, however, I am a busy man and wanted to appoint a Buyers Agent to have someone objective to guide and assist me in the property acquisition process. I found Kim to be very personable, friendly, communicative and structured in her approach which worked really well for me.  Kim sat down with me to initially understand my "property brief" and my exact property needs. Her clear communication skills and questioning really helped me gain more inside and clarity specifically around what I was looking for in a primary residence purchase.  I also felt the process ran smoothly because of Kim's level of confidence, knowledge and network connections which proved to be beneficial throughout the search process, in uncovering various properties.

Paul Dorney, KMS Property


I appreciated all the effort up front and detailed nature from Kim to help me clarify my exact property brief requirements, including even challenging me to make sure I was clear on what I wanted and was going towards the right property for me.  I found the whole property process quite overwhelming as this is not my core skillsets.

Kim was very relaxed and guided me in a way that was comfortable for me personally. In the end the whole way Kim approach this with me individually, paid off as I secured exactly what I was after and was very happy in the end. I was thankful for Kim's constant communication check ins with weekly and always steering me back on track.  It was good to have someone objective, supporting me throughout this whole process, which I found in the past was very overwhelming for me.

Kerrie Morris


For me personally, I have owned houses and investment properties and didn't have the time to spend on my next property purchase.  I approached Kim to find out what she could offer and was initially introduced to the "Property Strategy" session.

I thought I was someone who was really clear on my own individual property needs, however, after have a consultation with Kim I realised I wasn't and this helped me get into a position of knowing my exact property requirements and how to step forward.  I always found I was always jumping from the next best property option and a little bit unclear as to how I could achieve the outcomes with this property purchase.  I found having appointed an independent Buyers Agent very beneficial for me and worth the time and money as Kim helped me unlock some of my property blocks.  I found Kim to be extremely attentive and supportive, listening to all my needs plus being professional with her style and image, which helped me get the property I wanted in the end.

James Wish


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