The Corporate Landscape

Do you understand what drives and limits your organisations potential?

Is your organisation current way of leading and relating proving insufficient in today's world of complexity?  

Where are you wanting your business to go?  Increased performance and revenues, yet you are noticing increased burnout, lack of energy and motivation, longer hours and unclear boundaries resulting from habits and strategies that may have facilitated past success, but are no longer being sustained in today's pace of change. 


Have you mastered the balance of people and performance?  

"Extraordinary Leadership is a strong outer game arising from a really mature, evolved inner game" RJAnderson

The Corporate Problem

Taking you and your company from good to great!

I'm hearing from corporates people are burnt out and tired, there are a number of performance drops, people are not as organised, teams are disconnected and experiencing skill capability and execution gaps.  This is as well as mindset and behaviours within leaders and individuals needing to change to have growth mindsets and continuous transformation in business.  

Is this true for your organisation?

Are you wanting to 'build' stronger growth mindsets through 'updating' skill sets and 'creating' longer lasting business connections? Is this a case of hiring new staff to achieve this outcome or retaining and training your existing workforce to maintain peak performance by understanding how they are leading themselves, leading others in order to build long sustainable relationships and higher revenue pipelines. 

How important is it for your organisation to start thinking differently to increase your bottom line?  

Types of Service offerings

#1 The Project Coach_The Project is YOU!
Project Coaching is a way of connecting by observing verbal and non-verbals that provides a way for an individual to go below the surface.

This type of coaching is suited to organisational leaders which attends to the individuals social, relational and environmental aspects, highlighting the truth of the moment and making decisions that move people forward.  It is a real-time learning approach in developing and refining self awareness and capabilities in the workplace as a result of reflection of practice.  

Outcome: Understand why you lead the way you do

#2 The Business Matchmaker 
Connecting People in Business

How are you creating your Business connections?  This type of service is ideally suited to organisations who are wanting to grow their revenues.   By understanding that people development is directly correlated with Business Development, it all starts with the organisations current relationships.  What is is the quality of your corporate clients?  Are you gaining the right feedback from your clients.  What are the right questions to ask. 

Outcome: Building "stronger" relationships in the corporate world

#3 The Problem Solver - One on One Coaching 
Corporate one on one coaching is a way of working with an individual to understand how they are leading

This type of coaching is ideally suited to individuals who are leading teams of people who are ultimately accountable for decisions in the corporate chain.  This type of coaching provides the individual with support, the ability to understand how they are leading, to then be in a position to be able to lead with confidence and understand how to support your team in achieving the overall goals for the organisation.  

Outcome: Building a confident and resilient mindset in uncertainty

#4 The Influencer - Group Coaching/Workshops 
Group Coaching is a way of working with groups on specific goals and outcomes for the individuals and the corporate

This type of coaching is ideally suited to group dynamic coaching, where a group needs to work cohesively and collaboratively and is not currently operating this way.  As a group when you start to cohesively understand how you are operating and group dynamics you can create further awareness for the group and we begin to see what we want to ultimately keep, stop and start. 

Outcome: Expanding the group dynamics on perspective


Who am I working with?

I am working with CEO's, Organisations, Corporates, Team Leaders, Business Owners who have a priority on developing and growing business mindsets.  People who are wanting to grow themselves individually and to place themselves in a position to take effective action in their work.  This leans towards the responsibility of the individual to consider their thinking, their actions and behaviours to fundamentally improve the quality of their relationship with themselves, work colleagues and/or personal relationships.

Business Meeting

Why am I so passionate about building growth mindsets?

Setting the foundation for Future Growth

In considering building a growth mindset, its important to understand where our personality comes from?  Scientifically, it suggests its a combination of our genetics, upbringing and environment and can be continually influenced by experiences in our childhood, teenage years and later adult years.  This generally builds on our 'long term personality' which develops our core beliefs and understandings with formal conclusions about what is acceptable behaviour in todays society.  To explore this is and unpack these beliefs which can sometimes bring about uncomfortable outcomes, however, its important to take your own time in integrating the stages of awareness, having fun in the process to consider if these values or beliefs still operate in your current environment, or how you can change your way with language to build trust with others, taking ownership of one's own values and understanding other people’s perspectives, values and beliefs.


There are so many other expressions to an individual, it is about unlocking our individual powers and super powers!!!!


What are my core skills?

  • People are my priority

  • Passionate about People

  • Great communicator

  • Supporting, Listening, Questioning with an overall focus on the individual and organisation goals/outcomes

  • Helping people to be with themselves personally and professionally

  • Bringing awareness to the thinking

  • Highly emotionally intelligent, able to empathise with others

  • Having honest conversations

  • Building Personal and Business connections

  • Giving tools to assist you in “Self Managing” + “Self-Regulating” emotions

  • Understanding own values and other peoples values

  • Able to give and receive constructive positive feedback to diverse groups

Business Meeting

How do I engage

I do my best work for others, whether it is an individual or organisation, I bring out the best in people. Initially I would engage with you or your organisation to explore if we are a good fit and if you or your organisation is ready and what your expectations are around this type of service. 

Step 1: Clarifying your goals/outcomes

Step 2: Where are you now?

Step 3: Where do you want to be?

See Saw

The Situation See-Saw

If you were to picture yourself sitting on a "See Saw" are you sitting balanced on the See-Saw with another individual or are you sitting at the top, or sitting smack bang on the ground.  If you are able to honestly consider where you are placed on the See-Saw at the moment.  Are you feeling frustrated? Are you feeling like you are not being recognised? Are you feeling overwhelmed? Or are you feeling quite balanced?


We sometimes, can’t choose what happens to us, yet we can choose how we respond and turn up!  We can take back control of our own choices and start looking at the “See-Saw" to consider how we would like to step forward!

Remembering as part of the process in understanding the See-Saw effect, its important to acknowledge exactly where you are situated.  

What steps you would take to balance the see-saw? 

It’s important as individuals or organisations to start looking at ourselves on the See-Saw, and how you are going to balance the see-saw by creating healthy boundaries.  As individuals, certain life experience can present stresses or frustrations which can often tip the see-saw up one end.

How are you managing to balance your see-saw? 

The People Process

I've invested many years in my own development and in doing that am able to  fast track people's development by enriching their lives to see the potential of what is possible through leading, coaching individuals and teams through change. 


I've noticed the ‘old traditional ways’ of leading are not sustainable anymore and stress levels are higher than ever.  I want to help leaders and teams to reach their goals by understanding that 'Personal Development' and 'Business Development' are interrelated.


We must start to listen, and allow ourselves to step forward, little by little, slowly but surely, as it unfolds to see what is available to us. 

Focusing on the Biggest Asset being YOU! 

3 Steps:  Bringing Corporates Back to Basics

Step 1 – “Understand how you are leading/communicating the way you do today?”


Step 2 – “What drives you to identify with your choices today?


Step 3 – “What style of mindset do you want to change for tomorrow?

Corporate Coaching is all about enabling the individual to consider different types of leading, understanding the strategies you are putting in place and ways you can resourcefully tweak your  to achieve  “Check in on your Leading Style”, “Identify or tweak any leading strategy”, “Goals, Outcomes and how you are monitoring your leading pattern” and if you are moving towards a more conscious way of leading!