What does a Property Advisor actually do?

My role is to listen, guide, develop, support, lead and facilitate clients throughout the entire acquisition process from end to end, assisting you in focusing on your specific property needs and undertaking the necessary detailed due diligence where its to secure the right property for the right price!

The Key to Moving Forward….
  1. Developing and Designing your Brief is the first step to adding value

  2. Understanding “your’ individual property needs, where you are today and where you want to be

  3. Understanding “how” you are currently approaching the property market

“Understanding Your Property Requirements”

Are you clear on “What you want to purchase?”

How can I become clear?

Learn how to connect with properties

Design your own Property Strategy


Hi, I am Kim

I have worked in the Commercial, Construction, Retail and the Residential Real Estate world for the past 30 years.

My ultimate passion is People and Property – The focus has always been on the people to help facilitate them to their end goal to purchase their dream home or property.  My best work is for other people.


I can help you become clear about the property you want to acquire and to create your own personal property brief to be market ready!!!

"I want to help people get excited about their new property……

I want to help people find what’s important to them!"



Relationships are the foundation of everything I do.


The key drivers for me with helping others to purchase a property is that it is a personal thing, it is not only about the commercial transaction it’s an emotional process too.


I want to GUIDE people throughout this property process and discover what they truly want, I want to help people become CONNECTED WITH THE RIGHT PROPERTY.

Communication is paramount throughout the whole property acquisition process so I will be actively interacting with you because this relationship is about understanding the client's exact needs and working with you!

WHAT is the difference I WANT TO MAKE to you?

Understand your core motivation to secure your dream property!

*       Understand your pain points and where you want to be

*       Helping you to create your own Property Strategy & Brief 

*       Helping you become clear about the property you want to buy!

*       Crafting a message around your property brief to take to the market


How do I engage?

I have had clients who are also very passionate about the property process and who are wanting an objective person to step in for them.


Helping clients to understand their exact property needs and holding their hands throughout the entire process.  For me the relationship, is a 2-Way street. 

  • Process – Determining if a structured approach is required for the client

  • Developing a Brief – Specific to that client

  • Understanding the property risks 

  • Cash flow analysis, if that is important to the client (Particularly for Investment properties)

  • Value potential through creative and active asset management

  • Title Searches – To ensure that there aren’t any other caveats on title in addition to lending institutions, and/or easements that could potentially impact further development.

  • Building Reports, Strata Reports, Body Corporate – reviewing material

  • Property Networks – Real Estate Agents, Town Planners, Developers, Builders, Mortgage Brokers, Finance etc.

Is this you? 

  • YOU and your partner both work, have little kids and are time poor

  • YOU have been looking for a period of time but are uncertain on how to approach the market

  • YOU want and value high level research to substantiate how much you should pay in today’s market

  • YOU are someone who doesn’t feels 100% confident to negotiate against Real Estate Agents

  • YOU are a buyer who wants off-market homes as you may not be on agent databases and mail outs.

  • YOU are someone who is not in a rush, but they want to bide their time and become clear on their property brief and be in the best position to strike should a distressed seller present themselves.

  • YOU want someone to hold your hand, develop a brief, bide your time and be in the best position to strike should the right property present itself.


It's time to hang up your coat on your new property!